UniLoc Pin Insert

The Original Uni-Loc® Quick-Release:  Precision you can depend on.

Two Original Pins are available depending on your cue design, balance and durability needs. Each comes standard with a brass insert. Choose between the Stainless Steel and the Titanium pin that features a scratch resistant coating.

Stainless Steel Pin – heavy, solid feel
Standard Stainless Steel for a silver color, uncoated
(.90 oz / 25.51 grams)

Titanium Pin – light-weight option to achieve a more rear-balanced cue.
Chrome Chromium Nitride (CrN) coating, offers premium durability with a maximum friction coefficient in a silver color
(.51 oz / 14.46 grams)

Brass Insert
(.37 oz / 10.49 grams)

Original Uni-Loc Installation Instructions »

The Radial®: Wood-to-wood contact for a tighter, buzz-free feel.

Four Radial® pins are available depending on your cue design, balance and durability needs. And because a Radial pin screws directly into wood or Phenolic, you won’t need a shaft insert or a coating. However, custom coatings are available upon request.

Aluminum Pin – lightest Radial option rear-weighted cue
(.50 oz / 14.3 grams)

Brass Pin – heaviest Radial option for a forward-weighted cue
(1.52 oz / 43.3 grams)

Stainless Steel Pin – durable and solid for a forward-weighted cue
(1.38 oz / 39.2 grams)

Titanium Pin – lightweight to optimize back-end balance
(.79 oz / 22.4 grams)

Radial Pin Installation Instructions »

UniLoc Radial SS Pin

The Bullet®: A sleek and assertive little guy.

The Bullet®’s design provides flexibility for manufacturing and allows it to pivot inside the insert and still stay straight. Bullet Joints are available in small quantities to custom cue makers only and are not interchangeable with other Uni-Loc joints.

Stainless Steel Pin – pointed design allows pin to pivot within the insert
(.50 oz / 13 grams)

Brass Insert – standard with all Bullet pins
(.70 oz / 20 grams)

Uni-Loc Bullet Joint