Our Mission:

To improve the performance of billiards equipment through the design of precision parts.

Revolutionizing the Game of Pool.

It all started with aeronautics.

Paul Costain owned world-renowned Precision Dynamics Corp for 28 years where he led the manufacturing of precision components for the medical, semi-conductor and defense industries. In his free time however, he was becoming increasingly passionate about pool, and eventually placed an order for his first custom cue. Unsatisfied with traditional joint systems, Paul sought the help of one of the world’s most renowned cue makers, Bill Stroud of Joss West cues. Paul provided Bill with a design for a new kind of joint system and asked him to install it on his personal cue. Soon after, Bill asked Paul to build a modified version of that original joint design.

Paul Costain
Uni-Loc Weight Kit

The rest is history.

These two new joint systems would quickly evolve into Original quick-release joint systems and the Radial joint systems made by Uni-Loc today. Paul made these two popular systems available to a number of custom and production cue makers and was awarded several U.S. patents for his innovations. Today, the product line continues to grow as Paul and Uni-Loc innovate and design still more new technologies that revolutionize the game of pool.

Uni-Loc Engineering