This is where your shaft and handle fit together. The right joint has a big impact on your cue’s overall straightness, feel, interchangeability and balance.

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UniLoc Pin Insert


It contains and protects the all-important threaded pin and makes your cue more forward balanced.

Long and Short Balance Screws

Balance screws go a long way to tune the weight of your cue, depending on the woods and parts of choice.

UniLoc Radial Short Long Balancing Pin
UniLoc Radial Alum CScrew

Connecting Screw

These make wood-to-wood connections within the butt to achieve a more diverse variety of woods in your cue’s construction and design.

Customizable Weight Cartridge Kit

These little guys hang out at the end of the butt, helping to achieve the perfect weight for your cue.

Uni-Loc Weight Cartidge

Anatomy of a Cue